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Salwar Kameez is one of the beautiful traditional wears of Indian women. It is said to be originated from Punjab, India. With time, this traditional North Indian dress went on to cross all geographical borders and is now an insatiable wardrobe requirement of all Indian women as a part of their casual and party wear. Over the years it has undergone phenomenal transformations. As a result it is not just a traditional attire any longer but is available in various designs & patterns.

Some of the designs are Anarkali, Churidar and Patiala. These designs are not only sold across the country but are also in demand all over the world. A major distinguishing factor in Kameez is their neck cut types. Some of them come with round neck, some with a V-shaped neck or rectangular shape and some are in an irregular shape neck cut. Based on individual choice they can go for these designs. To further enhance the design, various patterns can be made with different type of work like embroidery, patch, floral, lace and beadwork. These all are nowadays in demand worldwide.

A Georgette Anarkali suit is made out of vastly twisted silk yarn & a super smooth, airy texture is achieved using a special weave. This texture of this suit is loved, adored and worn by millions of women. Besides being very light, airy and smooth in texture, the georgette fabric is also known to be stain resistant and easily washable. This quality makes it a favorite for women who love wearing salwar every day. You no more have to worry about the fall, crease, and delicate nature of these suits unlike the other pure silk, synthetic and the cotton counterparts.

Another great advantage enjoyed by this kind of fabric is its low moisture absorption. This quality makes them a favorite for women across all weather and seasons. Especially in the harsh summer weather, women love the comfort and airy feel. A pure georgette fabric easily accepts to various dyes and therefore is available in more colors than you can think. This acceptability to colors and designs gives them a distinctive look and allows you to have an exclusive assortment in your wardrobe.

While a georgette fabric is perfect for any occasion, care should be taken that this material catches fire easily and should be used carefully near fire. It is an ideal salwar for regular wash and wears with lowest maintenance. Many designers prefer using this fabric to adorn their creations as they not only give a distinctive feminine touch to the design but also adds the ease of wearing and carrying off in all seasons.

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