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Womens Flats | Why Choose Womens Flats Over Heels!

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Why Choose Womens Flats Over Heels!


Fashion trends have drastically changed over the period & we can’t deny the fact that what we once declared as old fashioned, is now the new trend. Women have countless attires & patterns to choose when it comes to outfits & footwear. Office or party, shopping or brunch women know what to wear when. But the insider truth is women always want to be comfortable and look beautiful, both at the same time.

Many of us tend to choose comfort over looks & vice versa. How about giving you an option to choose both? So now when you plan to attend a wedding or meeting, you don’t have to let your feet struggle with high heels but rather wear Zri elegant flats & rock the show. Sources say that women choose flats over heels with regards to footwear. And why not, who doesn’t want to be comfortable.

At Zri, we have designed our footwear patterns in such a way that our elegant collection of womens flats & sandals cater to comfort and looks. So when you wear your pencil skirt & tucked in blouse for your next office meeting, we suggest you to opt Zri womens flats over heels, in order to keep your feet comfortable during whole day. And it’s not only office but even in a party, one walks, dances, climbs etc for hours and how can one be comfortable wearing high heels for such a long time.

If you want to give your best shot each day with a happy face, stay comfortable with Zri womens flats Footwear every day.


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We appreciate & recognize the taste of current day women and hence we have used trustworthy embroidery with various kinds of embellishments to give our ladies footwear a lavish and tempting look. With our illustrious craftsmanship and exquisite designing, we aim to establish ourselves as a brand that shelters all the facets of luxury product at pocket friendly prices.

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